The collar

I love to put collars around my cakes and even experiment with cupcake collars.  My biggest challenge is making my collars paper thin as I use an ultra-thick double-choc cooking chocolate.

The coolest thing about these collars is that they are not perfect.  They have folds and creases and embodies a real hand-made feel. 

The quick yet precise art of putting on a cake collar is therapeutic in a way.  It requires concentration and focus and not even a screaming child or a ringing doorbell can tear you away from the final act of wrapping your cake in chocolate covered wax paper.

It’s pure decadence.


One Response

  1. What a beautiful finish it creates. I have TWO of those, how did you say it, “screaming child”, so I may try this as a experiment for my metal well being! Thanks for the inspiration!

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