Flower Power

I often get asked to provide cupcakes for a class party at school.  These flower power cupcakes always come up tops.

You need:

  • Your favourite cupcake recipe
  • Decorate the cupcakes with your favourite buttercream frosting
  • A packet of large and small marshmallows (pastel colours)
  • A packet of Smarties

To make the flowers, cut a marshmallow into four slices… the cutting action will automatically shape the petals.  Repeat with the smaller marshmallows, arrange on your cupcakes and top off with a Smartie “bud”.

A special 2nd birthday cake

It was Heidi’s second birthday party and I wanted to move away from your average birthday cake to something more bite sized.  So I designed a cupcake tower, featuring large and tiny cupcakes and a variety of designs.

But I can’t take all the credit.  My dear friend, Buyiswa, made the little smarty flowers and they were a huge hit with the kids!

Cupcake challenge

Cupcakes with edible images of the latest kid or teen craze are very (and increasingly) popular.  High School Musical remains a firm favourite, while Bob the Builder and Bratz are loved by the young ones.

I have experimented with a wide range of designs but have decided to mount my images on digestive biscuits for a more 3-d look.