Tennis Court

It’s been a pretty busy week – cake orders have been pouring in, the kids’ school broke up for the spring holidays and I had to prepare two birthday parties for my daughter – one at her school and one at home.

Meanwhile, the Tennis Court cake I had to bake for Friday was crowned “order of the week”.  It was the first time I created a tennis court and because my technical tennis knowledge is a little lacking, I first had to do some research…

The base lines and racquets were made from chocolate.

Happy birthday Jessica – I hope you and your tennis-loving friends loved eating the cake as much as I loved creating it!

A different kind of cake

Whenever I take my kids to a birthday party, I always take a peek at the choice of birthday cake.  And more often than not the parent opted for a beautifully crafted sugar paste birthday cake, which is a truly gorgeous sight, but that nobody eats.

You see… whenever I bake, my measure of success is how quickly my creation is eaten…  but that’s not the moral of this story.

When my son turned four this year, I started planning his cake and had so many ideas.  But in the end I listened to my little guy and made him his special Bugs-Jelly-Cake.

A different kind of cake

A different kind of cake

And despite the fact that I really wanted to make him a treasure chest or recreate a scene from Cars, I knew that he probably wouldn’t eat it… and isn’t that what being the birthday boy is all about?

So I made several layers of jelly – patiently waiting for each layer to set before adding the next layer and the bugs in between.  It took me two days.  And when he blew out the candles his “cake” was served to all the guests with custard.

It just goes to show:  You don’t have to bake a cake to make your kid happy on his birthday.  We just need to listen to what they – not we – REALLY want.