May the Force be with You`

Today is my godson, Jared’s 6th birthday.  It feels just like yesterday when I met him in hospital…  And while I had planned to take the weekend off and not accept any bookings, there was no way I could not bake him a birthday cake.

So last night, while crying buckets over Benjamin Button, I decorated Jared’s Star Wars cake and couldn’t believe my luck:  the decorating gods were definitely on my side.  I try to steer clear of printed icing sheets, because you never know how the end product may be affected by changing weather, humidity, curious little fingers or a slight bump in-transit.  But the cake looked awesome and I couldn’t wait for Saturday.


But dammit… the decorating gods must have had a previous engagement because the bumpy ride to the West Coast Village Spur created a tiny crack in the picture.   I panicked.  I hyperventilated.  I almost cried.  But luckily I could fix the damage at the venue and the cracked appeared to be nothing more than a lightning bolt.

I’m sure people thought I was a little nuts when I kept on checking in on the cake and wouldn’t allow anybody to even do so much as breathe on the cake!  So I quickly jumped up to move the cake when the time came to sing “Happy Birthday”. Unfortunately one of the other moms was a little quicker on the draw and picked up the cake causing the picture to tear further!

I FREAKED!  But mostly on the inside.

Again, one quick fix and a Happy Birthday song  later, Jared blew out the candles and the demolition began.

The cake was YUM-MEE!  What more can I say?!?  Just another day at the office…

Competition Time

After years of being a full-time worker, part-time baker, part-time mom and… in fact… part-time everything else, my life is about to take an about-turn.

Yes, that’s right folks, I’m starting a new job on 3 August and I’m super excited.  But more exciting is the fact that I’m going to take my baking to a whole new level too.

Soooooooooooo… to celebrate the start of my “new life” I’ve decided to share my excitement – and my cake – by launching a cupcake giveaway.

The Prize: One lucky cake lover will receive  12 chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, each one topped with a chocolate-dipped strawberry.  YUMMY!

strawberry cupcake

Want in?  It’s dead easy!

  1. Comment on this blog.
  2. Send me a message on Facebook (Leonie Mollentze) or
  3. Mail me at
  4. Follow me on Twitter and send me a message that you want to be in the draw.

** Sorry folks – only Capetonians qualify!

Deadline:  Sunday, 2 August 2009.

What are you waiting for?  Get cracking!

Father’s Day – how could I forget?

What do you give a dad – and grandfather – who isn’t really into gifting but who has a very sweet tooth?  Home-made goodies, of course!

  • Take one excited baker-daugher.
  • Add two bouncy grandkids.
  • Mix with some flour, butter, salt, etc.
  • And you get the ultimate Father’s Day treat!

Something from the kids

All you need is some cookie dough and cutters, a kids’ table and chairs and a beady eye to ensure they don’t eat all the cookies BEFORE they’re baked.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

I had to make two chocolate mousse cakes for delivery to a restaurant prior to a birthday party.

I usually prefer to work alone, but now that the kids are a little bigger I like to involve them in my baking.  ** Note to prospective clients – any bowl & mixer attachment licking happens AFTER the baking process 😉

Castle Cake

The Challenge:  A pink castle cake for a little girl who loves Polly Pocket.

The Result:  A pink castle, featuring Polly & friends, as well as back-garden waterfall.

Flower Power

I often get asked to provide cupcakes for a class party at school.  These flower power cupcakes always come up tops.

You need:

  • Your favourite cupcake recipe
  • Decorate the cupcakes with your favourite buttercream frosting
  • A packet of large and small marshmallows (pastel colours)
  • A packet of Smarties

To make the flowers, cut a marshmallow into four slices… the cutting action will automatically shape the petals.  Repeat with the smaller marshmallows, arrange on your cupcakes and top off with a Smartie “bud”.

Triple Treat

The global credit crunch is much more than a motivation for us to tighten our belts and turn over our cents; new terms like “recessionista” have been coined in women’s glossies while  clothes swapping parties are becoming more popular.  It has even reached the party circuit!

So when my manager told me that she was planning to host a recession party for her birthday – complete with tombola table – I decided that the best gift I could give her was to bake her favorite cake.

But which cake to bake?

Now, Fridays are usually met with great anticipation at the office as I often bring any left-overs from the orders I usually get. And if I can single out one specific favorite, then it must be my adaptation of Flora Woods’s courgette cake:  I have personally witnessed how colleagues on diet finish their fifth or sixth slice!!

But I knew that there would be around 40 guests and one cake wouldn’t be enough.  So I decided to bake three ring cakes:  Aletta’s beloved courgette cake, a carrot cake and a lemon-granadilla cake.

From what I’ve heard the party was a blast and cakes were a hit, even if the cakes were never arranged on the stands as I had intended them to be displayed (and after strict instructions to the restaurant manager)!

cakes on stand