About cake revolution

I often visit farmers markets and craft stalls and sample people’s baking.  Especially cupcakes.  I luuuuuuurve cupcakes.

But somehow I’m almost always left disappointed.  Because no matter how beautiful the cupcake is, it just doesn’t taste “right”.  Either too dry or too sweet or too rich…  I am quite specific about what I want when I eat cake.

But that’s why I started baking.  First, because I learnt everything I know about baking from my mom, who was an exceptional baker but is now retired.  Second, because I needed a vehicle for stress relief and baking proved to be just that.  And third, because I realised that the only way to get what I like to eat is to make it myself.

I guess others share my taste, as I often take some samplers to the office on Friday where the “vultures” stand in line, waiting for the next delivery 🙂 

Baking makes me happy.  And seeing others enjoying what I bake makes me even happier.

I am cake revolution, changing the world  – one cupcake at a time – from my kitchen in Hout Bay, just outside Cape Town (South Africa).


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