Lorraine’s party package

Lorraine is a long-time client of my mom’s so I only felt a tiny twang of performance anxiety when she booked me to bake cupcakes for her birthday party.

After some deliberation and weighing up all the options, I received an order for 60 chocolate cupcakes topped with Lindt & Amarula ganache, a malted puff ball and a rose petal or two.


Order confirmed, our conversation soon turned to my very famous courgette cake.  Or to be more exact, my version of Flora’s Courgette Cake, as featured in Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess.  I told Lorraine how all my clients’ reactions went from the initial “eeuuww” to “THIS. IS. THE. BEST. CAKE. EVER.” once then have taken a bite.  So she decided to order one too.


I was quite nervous about the outcome of the cake, especially because I’m usually around when people take their first bite.  But there was no need:  I got an e-mail this morning, singing its praises 🙂

Looking back at all my blog entries until now, I think that Flora Woods’s Courgette Cake has probably received the most coverage.  Of course, I added my own secret ingredients to give it the Cake Revolution stamp, and I developed an additional lemon curd topping (thanks Flora – your curd recipe is tops too!!), but I need to thank Flora Woods once again for giving Nigella this recipe and, in turn, inspiring me to bake something truly great.

I owe you one!


And so I shocked my mom at last!

My mom has been a baker for as long as I can remember.  And after all these years, the one thing that’ll always stand out for me is her refusal to make anything “naughty”.  It’s just not her thing.

So when I received a cupcake order for a bachelorette party, I jumped at the chance experienced three firsts:

  1. I visited a sex shop for the first time EVER as I couldn’t find pecker moulds anywhere else in Cape Town,
  2. I made naughty cupcakes, and
  3. Managed to shock my mom!

Yes, ME, the ever obedient daughter showed my mom that any gal can have her own special penis cake – and eat it too 🙂

Oh… and to make the cakes extra porno, I mixed a little strawberry jam into the butter icing!

Triple Choc Delight

One of my husband’s colleagues recently ordered a batch of cupcakes to give to the team of nurses who cared for her. She wanted something chocolaty and different, so I came up with this triple choc delight:  Chocolate cupcakes topped with a rich choc-butter icing decorated with chocolate malted puffs.  It turned out to be so popular, I received another order within the week!



A grown-up experience

Take one cupcake, add dark chocolate ganache (Lindt) and top with malted puff from Woolies.  And you get…



Strawberry cupcakes – perfect for summer

There’s nothing as nice as a plain and simple cupcake. But what better way to celebrate the start of summer than to dip a strawberry in chocolate, dust some glitter on top and pop it on top of a chocolate cupcake with buttercream topping.

This has become a firm favourite, both at the office when I feel like treating my team, as well as for birthday parties.  And that feeling of letting the chocolate-tipped strawberry melt in your mouth before you surrender to the spongy sweetness of the cupcake is pure bliss…

Thanks Nigella!

I love Nigella Lawson.  Not a stalker kind of love, of course!  But it is Nigella who – apart from my baker mother – inspires me to really up the ante on my baking.  So when I saw the recipe for Flora’s Courgette Cake in How to be a Domestic Goddess, I decided to try it out.  Except… I made some changes and made muffins instead.  YUMMY.

Thanks Nigella.  And thanks Flora Woods for giving Nigella the recipe.  This is way better than carrot cake.

Wedding samples – turning disaster into opportunity

Dear stupid female driver To whom it may concern

It took me days of designing and hours of baking and decorating – most of it through Saturday night – to prepare a dozen cupcake samples for a client’s upcoming wedding.

You see, I meet prospective clients, learn about their likes and dislikes and the colour scheme and theme of their function, and create samples from which they make their final choice.  It’s hard work but that’s my choice and how I operate.

But on Sunday morning, after working through the night to ensure that she received the bestest, freshest goodies, and doing about 20 km/h down the road to ensure the safety of my precious cargo, you decided NOT to stop on the corner of Daphne and Empire, causing me to brake so hard that my cake boxes turned over and ruined a week’s worth of work.

Thank you for ruining my day allowing me to recreate and perfect my samples. 

I hope you rot in hell.  Practice makes perfect.