The collar

I love to put collars around my cakes and even experiment with cupcake collars.  My biggest challenge is making my collars paper thin as I use an ultra-thick double-choc cooking chocolate.

The coolest thing about these collars is that they are not perfect.  They have folds and creases and embodies a real hand-made feel. 

The quick yet precise art of putting on a cake collar is therapeutic in a way.  It requires concentration and focus and not even a screaming child or a ringing doorbell can tear you away from the final act of wrapping your cake in chocolate covered wax paper.

It’s pure decadence.

Cupcake challenge

Cupcakes with edible images of the latest kid or teen craze are very (and increasingly) popular.  High School Musical remains a firm favourite, while Bob the Builder and Bratz are loved by the young ones.

I have experimented with a wide range of designs but have decided to mount my images on digestive biscuits for a more 3-d look.