A special 2nd birthday cake

It was Heidi’s second birthday party and I wanted to move away from your average birthday cake to something more bite sized.  So I designed a cupcake tower, featuring large and tiny cupcakes and a variety of designs.

But I can’t take all the credit.  My dear friend, Buyiswa, made the little smarty flowers and they were a huge hit with the kids!


Strawberry cupcakes – perfect for summer

There’s nothing as nice as a plain and simple cupcake. But what better way to celebrate the start of summer than to dip a strawberry in chocolate, dust some glitter on top and pop it on top of a chocolate cupcake with buttercream topping.

This has become a firm favourite, both at the office when I feel like treating my team, as well as for birthday parties.  And that feeling of letting the chocolate-tipped strawberry melt in your mouth before you surrender to the spongy sweetness of the cupcake is pure bliss…