Triple Treat

The global credit crunch is much more than a motivation for us to tighten our belts and turn over our cents; new terms like “recessionista” have been coined in women’s glossies while  clothes swapping parties are becoming more popular.  It has even reached the party circuit!

So when my manager told me that she was planning to host a recession party for her birthday – complete with tombola table – I decided that the best gift I could give her was to bake her favorite cake.

But which cake to bake?

Now, Fridays are usually met with great anticipation at the office as I often bring any left-overs from the orders I usually get. And if I can single out one specific favorite, then it must be my adaptation of Flora Woods’s courgette cake:  I have personally witnessed how colleagues on diet finish their fifth or sixth slice!!

But I knew that there would be around 40 guests and one cake wouldn’t be enough.  So I decided to bake three ring cakes:  Aletta’s beloved courgette cake, a carrot cake and a lemon-granadilla cake.

From what I’ve heard the party was a blast and cakes were a hit, even if the cakes were never arranged on the stands as I had intended them to be displayed (and after strict instructions to the restaurant manager)!

cakes on stand