Scuba cake

While birthday boy was treated to a diving experience at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, I was tasked to bake a “kiddie cake”, capturing sun, sea and scuba.


Thanks Nigella!

I love Nigella Lawson.  Not a stalker kind of love, of course!  But it is Nigella who – apart from my baker mother – inspires me to really up the ante on my baking.  So when I saw the recipe for Flora’s Courgette Cake in How to be a Domestic Goddess, I decided to try it out.  Except… I made some changes and made muffins instead.  YUMMY.

Thanks Nigella.  And thanks Flora Woods for giving Nigella the recipe.  This is way better than carrot cake.

Wedding samples – turning disaster into opportunity

Dear stupid female driver To whom it may concern

It took me days of designing and hours of baking and decorating – most of it through Saturday night – to prepare a dozen cupcake samples for a client’s upcoming wedding.

You see, I meet prospective clients, learn about their likes and dislikes and the colour scheme and theme of their function, and create samples from which they make their final choice.  It’s hard work but that’s my choice and how I operate.

But on Sunday morning, after working through the night to ensure that she received the bestest, freshest goodies, and doing about 20 km/h down the road to ensure the safety of my precious cargo, you decided NOT to stop on the corner of Daphne and Empire, causing me to brake so hard that my cake boxes turned over and ruined a week’s worth of work.

Thank you for ruining my day allowing me to recreate and perfect my samples. 

I hope you rot in hell.  Practice makes perfect.


Mother’s Day Order

“Make me some FANTABULOUS cupcakes,” a new client asked.  She didn’t care about the design or flavour; she just wanted to have a box of cupcakes that she could enjoy with her mom and sisters.  She wasn’t disappointed.