A gentleman’s cake

So I’m working at a new office with new colleagues and new challenges.  And they came to realise pretty quickly just how handy it is to have me around, since every Friday is now known as Cake Friday.

So far I’ve baked for an office baby shower and birthday, and it was subsequent to Mr G’s birthday that he asked me to make something special for his son-in-law.

Now, what’s a girl to do when she has free reign over the cake she’s about to make and the only instruction is to use EXACTLY the same recipe as the one used for Mr G’s own birthday cake?  You make a Gentleman’s Birthday Cake, of course:  three-layer buttermilk chocolate cake with dark chocolate buttercream frosting and the entire top surface of the cake covered with malted puffs.  Pure decadence.

Triple Choc Delight

One of my husband’s colleagues recently ordered a batch of cupcakes to give to the team of nurses who cared for her. She wanted something chocolaty and different, so I came up with this triple choc delight:  Chocolate cupcakes topped with a rich choc-butter icing decorated with chocolate malted puffs.  It turned out to be so popular, I received another order within the week!



A grown-up experience

Take one cupcake, add dark chocolate ganache (Lindt) and top with malted puff from Woolies.  And you get…