May the Force be with You`

Today is my godson, Jared’s 6th birthday.  It feels just like yesterday when I met him in hospital…  And while I had planned to take the weekend off and not accept any bookings, there was no way I could not bake him a birthday cake.

So last night, while crying buckets over Benjamin Button, I decorated Jared’s Star Wars cake and couldn’t believe my luck:  the decorating gods were definitely on my side.  I try to steer clear of printed icing sheets, because you never know how the end product may be affected by changing weather, humidity, curious little fingers or a slight bump in-transit.  But the cake looked awesome and I couldn’t wait for Saturday.


But dammit… the decorating gods must have had a previous engagement because the bumpy ride to the West Coast Village Spur created a tiny crack in the picture.   I panicked.  I hyperventilated.  I almost cried.  But luckily I could fix the damage at the venue and the cracked appeared to be nothing more than a lightning bolt.

I’m sure people thought I was a little nuts when I kept on checking in on the cake and wouldn’t allow anybody to even do so much as breathe on the cake!  So I quickly jumped up to move the cake when the time came to sing “Happy Birthday”. Unfortunately one of the other moms was a little quicker on the draw and picked up the cake causing the picture to tear further!

I FREAKED!  But mostly on the inside.

Again, one quick fix and a Happy Birthday song  later, Jared blew out the candles and the demolition began.

The cake was YUM-MEE!  What more can I say?!?  Just another day at the office…

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