And so I shocked my mom at last!

My mom has been a baker for as long as I can remember.  And after all these years, the one thing that’ll always stand out for me is her refusal to make anything “naughty”.  It’s just not her thing.

So when I received a cupcake order for a bachelorette party, I jumped at the chance experienced three firsts:

  1. I visited a sex shop for the first time EVER as I couldn’t find pecker moulds anywhere else in Cape Town,
  2. I made naughty cupcakes, and
  3. Managed to shock my mom!

Yes, ME, the ever obedient daughter showed my mom that any gal can have her own special penis cake – and eat it too 🙂

Oh… and to make the cakes extra porno, I mixed a little strawberry jam into the butter icing!

2 Responses

  1. hahhaha that’s so funny!

  2. They look great!! Awesome for a bachelorette party!

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