Cupcake Noir

Moving away from my usual chocolate cake recipe, I decided to experiment with a denser, darker cake that is melt-in-your-mouth moist.

This is my Noir “death by chocolate” cake – with buttermilk.




3 Responses

  1. So good – had a second helping…

  2. Our company have been treated to Leonie’s delightful creations each Friday for the past few months. We are pleased to say that our hips and waistlines are not very pleased with our taste-buds… but that’s ok…we all have to make sacrifices. We are not too shabby in the kitchen…and can tell you that when you bake, the love, passion and warmth can be tasted. Thus in your absence while we savor your creations, you are fondly thought and spoken of. The Cupcake Noir we had today (2 morrow being a public holiday) was moist and very, very “chocolately”.
    Thank you Leonie for your heavenly creations:)…

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